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Contact us for rapid microbe panels to scale up your lab’s testing by emailing sales@primediscoveries.com

Prime's Platform technologies include:

RT-LAMP Technology

  • Prime’s diagnostic assay uses extraction-less reverse transcription-loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) which is massively scalable, can be fully automated for laboratories, and can produce results in <45 minutes.

  • RT-LAMP Technology Features

  • Sensitivity - High accuracy (>99% sensitivity and specificity)

  • Extractionless - Eliminates need for RNA extraction and built-in chemical viral inactivation

  • Rapid - Produces results in under 30 minutes compared to 120 minutes for PCR.

  • Multiplex - Can multiplex and test multiple microbes including positive and negative controls in a single reaction

  • Supply Chain - Uses US ISO certified contract manufacturers with multiple suppliers for our reagents.

  • Workflow:

Next Generation Sequencing (mNGS) Technology

  • Prime’s mNGS assays can identify known and novel mutations with single nucleotide accuracy supporting rapid turnaround times and small batch sizes up to 25 samples.

  • Prime's mNGS products:
  • mNGS Technology Features

  • Rapid - Uses a rapid sample preparation protocol. Run on Illumina sequencers with rapid flow cells reducing sequencing time to <7 hours. Can process millions of reads in under 3 minutes which can take competitors several hours.

  • Full Automation - Custom APIs can upload to AWS cloud and automated pipelines will generate output report files.

  • Strain Level Sensitivity - Custom microbe identification methods can differentiate to strain level for diagnostic applications.

  • Denovo Gene Assembly - Can identify novel microbes and perform genome config creation and assembly for novel genomes.

  • Non-Targeted ID - Customized to target microbial genomes (lower cost and higher throughput) or run non-targeted identification for unknown pathogens.

  • Pooling Samples - Custom multiplexing methods and barcoding can pool hundreds of samples per sequencing run. Enables high volume sequencing with automated liquid handlers.

  • Workflow:

Rapid PCR Technology

  • Prime’s PCR technology is massively scalable, can be fully automated for laboratories and produces results in <60 minutes while working with most extraction protocols.

  • Prime's Rapid PCR products:

  • Prime's mNGS products:
  • Rapid PCR Technology Features

  • Workflow - Amplification of genetic material is rapid with our custom genotyping reagents and is performed in under 60 minutes.

  • High Specificity - Target mutations with high analytical sensitivity and specificity.

  • High Quality Detection - Genotyping assays that detect mutation and wildtype alleles, strong fluorescence enables accurate detection.

  • Device Compatability - Supports multiple qPCR instruments and fluorescence readers

  • Time - Simplified workflow that can go from sample to result in under 60 minutes

  • Workflow:

Designed for Laboratories

Contact us for rapid microbe panels to scale up your lab’s testing by emailing sales@primediscoveries.com